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East London Escorts Remembers War Heroes

The East End of London was badly hit by bombing during the Second World War. Whilst Winston Churchill was sitting in the cabinet office sipping champagne and smoking cigars, the East End was burning. German Nazi war planes were flying over London dropping heavy bomb loads on the docks. It changed the landscape of this part of London forever, and the residential areas were very badly hit.

East London escorts think that there are many forgotten heroes still alive who’s deeds should be celebrated. One of many East London escorts had family who were killed during the Blitz, and this has lead her to start a campaign to help remaining war heroes. Many other East London escorts have joined her, and many leading East London agencies fully support their girls. It is true – the East London escorts are doing a good deed.

The Unsung Heroes

There are many unsung heroes of the Second World War but it is still hard to believe that we have forgotten the many brave members of the London Fire Brigade who fought the war in the East End of London. They may not have used bullets and bombs but they used water and pick axes to get people out of their homes.

Yet, some how we have forgotten about the many men who fought the fires in the Docklands and in the East End of London. Many of these men did not have proper equipment, and a friend’s of mine uncle remembers that his boots almost melted. As a young man he served with the Cannon Street Fire Station. The crews at Cannon Street were charged with protecting many of the warehouse in the Docklands, and lost many members to the fires.

One of the things that the Fire Service was not aware of the time was the content of the warehouses. For instance when sugar and molasses burned, they melted into a liquid paste. Many brave fire men walked on surface of super hot sugary paste which stuck to their boots, and damaged the soles to the extent that they would start to melt.

Also, many rubber based products were stored in these warehouses. When rubber products burn, they gives of dangerous toxins and the respiratory equipment the fire men used did not always protect them.

These brave men may not have been in the army but they fought the war just as many others. They risked their lives and yet very few of them were ever awarded. At that time none of them received danger money but day after day, they risked their lives to safe people and the contents of the warehouses.

We often forget that it took a lot of people from different walks of life to fight the war. The men who fought the fires of London East End are leaving us now one by one. Sadly, we are also forgetting about their many brave deeds. Perhaps we should reopen the history books and take another look at many of the events of the Second World War. There are many unsung heroes out there.