Addicted to sexy companions in London

Are you up for a good time in London? The first time I came to London, I could not believe how many hot girls you could find in some of the best bars and clubs in London. Being a little bit naïve, I thought that all of the girls were ordinary girls but in fact, most of the gorgeous girls that I saw around happen to be escorts in London sx. I did not realise that dating escorts in London was such a big deal in London.

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It took me some time to find out about the escort culture which exists in London. I did not realise that dating London escorts was the in thing. Lots of the guys that I met in work, were actually dating escorts like a lifestyle choice. It was kind of weird, but I just fell into the habit of dating escorts. The girls were completely stunning and I could not get enough of the escorts that I met here in London.

Did I get addicted to London escorts right away? No, it did not take me very long to get addicted to dating London escorts. Like all other guys like my age, I had dreamed of having a true sexy companion, and I guess that is what I found in the girls at met from the escort service I used in London. I soon got used to having a glamorous girl on my arm every night and I had no intention of giving any of them. Yes it cost me a small fortune to date escorts in London, but I did not care.

Now I am totally hooked on London escorts, and even if I wanted to, I don’t think that I would be able to give up the sexy companions I hang out with during the week and sometimes on the weekend as well. If you like, it is really like I have made a lifestyle choice and really do enjoy the company of the girls. Should my parents find out about my lifestyle here in London, I think that they would go nuts, so I make sure that I keep the two lives well apart.

Can I afford to continue to date London escorts? Yes, I most certainly can. During my time here in London, I have achieved a lot of other things as well. Life has not only been about dating escorts. I have got my own flat and I dress well. Apart from dating escorts I have got a good life. I am sure that my mom would like me to settle down and she is probably wondering why I don’t have a permanent girlfriend. She has even asked me if I am gay. It made me laugh and found myself thinking if only she knew what my lifestyle was really like. There are times when I feel I am letting myself and my mom down, but to be honest, I enjoy the company of my sexy companions too much and I don’t want to give them up.