Are London escorts gold diggers?

Is there such a thing as professional gold diggers? I used to laugh at girls who used to see themselves as gold diggers, but now I realise how clever they really are. It takes some smart thinking to make it as a gold digger and it is not easy it may seem. Most of the men that you are going to meet are pretty savvy themselves and you need to make your gold digging into an art form. Does working for London escorts prepare you to be a gold digger? It may just help a little bit.

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During my London escorts career, I have me lots of rather rich guys. That is all very nice but whe you work for a London escort service, you really don’t get to know them that well. But one of the things that you learn when you are a London escort, is that many of the girls at the agency may be gold diggers. It is not unusual for girls to go from escort agency to escort agency to try to hook up with different guys.

They may even leave a London escorts service to move in with a guy, and when they have had enough of him, they simply move on and start to date for another London escort service. At first I did not know that this was going on, but to my surprise, a lot of girls who work for escort services in London are indeed gold diggers. It is not really a career that I have thought of and I think that I would feel a little bit guilty if I did that sort of thing to gents.

Do gents ask for it? Some of the London escorts say that the gents they date ask for it. I don’t agree with that at all. I would say that the majority of gents that I date at London escort agency that I work for, are kind of lonely guys. They can actually be really vulnerable and that is what I think that a lot of girls bank on when they target a guy. Most of these girls do not have an scruples at all, and are just in it for what they can get out of it. I think that many of them take on particular roles when they pick their guy, and act them out intil the end of the relationship.

Do they get something out of the relationship? I think that most professional gold diggers get a lot out of the relationships. When I talk to some of the girls who have been doing it for a long time, it is clear that they have earned thousands of pounds as gold diggers. Of course, the London escorts who are really good at it, may have earned a lot more out of their relationships that a couple of thousands. One girl that I knew ended up with a a very expensive diamond ring which paid off the mortgage on her flat. Incidentally, she had not even told the guy that she even owned an apartment. That is how clever some gold diggers are when it comes down to it.