Pick A Brunette

There are several factors that people tend to notice upon their first look at another person. Some take notice of how the other person dresses. Others are immediately drawn to a physically fit figure. However, many people report that the first thing they notice is hair, particularly hair color. And while one could potentially choose anything, it’s hard to go wrong with a dark-haired beauty.

There’s something especially appealing about a brunette. Perhaps the dark hair gives an aura of mystery or a hint of brooding desires waiting to be discovered. While blonde hair has come to represent the bubbly, outgoing type, and redheads are believed to be fiery and intense, those with dark hair are known to be classy, sophisticated, deep, and beautiful. For more info please visit at cityofeve.com.

Some notable dark-haired beauties are Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie, and Anne Hathaway. There seems to be something naturally appealing about dark hair and eyes that draws individuals in. Anything which has the connotation of being “dark” in comparison to something else always bears a hint of mystery and thus attracts onlookers with ease.

In media, they are traditionally viewed as everything from the business-savvy type to the classy and intellectual type. Many individuals report being heavily attracted to dark-haired people for a variety of reasons. Dark-haired men and women are prominent in sports and newscasts as well as in movies and television programs. Studies also show that darker hair dyes are a top seller, indicating that even those who weren’t born with it can easily see the appeal.

As it pertains to hair and eye color in the workplace, it seems that those with dark hair and eyes naturally gravitate to business and financial careers, though they’re adequately represented in other sectors and industries as well. But the romantic and sexual appeal of those with dark hair and eyes is something that can’t be questioned in any way.

The stark contrast of long dark hair on fair skin is a combination which almost anyone can be attracted to. While most people would immediately concentrate on the sexual aspect, there is something romantic, in a classical and virtuous sort of way as well. Concerning styles, dark hair can look good whether worn up in a neat fixture, or down and messy.

Whether it’s in the workplace, the bedroom, on the television screen, or in the sports arena, those with dark hair and dark eyes easily command attention. The amount of beauty and mystery that exudes from them is something that is hard to match. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is hard to deny the brooding and intense appeal of dark hair and eyes. So when given a choice, choosing someone with black or brown hair is never a bad decision.